Reads of the Week: 2012-06-03

Articles read this week that seem particularly useful to the everyday cyclist

One of a (hopefully) weekly series

photograph of two cyclists at Velojoy

Eight questions frequently asked by beginner cyclists
at Velojoy

List articles are often helpful in that you get a lot of information in one read. This one provides answers to questions posed by a new rider to Emilia Crotty, former education operations director for Bike New York, and now education and outreach manager for NYC bike share at Alta Bicycle Share.

Cycling’s Door Zone of Death
at the Sydney Morning Herald

One of the everyday city cyclist’s nightmares is the thought of getting doored. We all think about it. We rarely talk about it. We would rather ignore it. But we can’t. Here is a good read on things to think about and how to protect yourself. Some good commentary, too. Interesting reference to the term MAMIL in the author description box (top left).

Switching gears from one two-wheeled passion to another
at the Globe and Mail

I must admit, I both liked and disliked this article. Disliked it in that it discussed what rich folks do with their money and it made cycling out to be self-indulgent and not necessary. But I did like how it pointed out that even a type A, high powered executive can lose the fat and lose nearly 50 pounds. Even they are a little self-indulgent along the way. OK, OK…yes, I’m probably more than a little jealous.

Cycling Saves Australia $200 million in Health Costs
from Treehugger

This is an old article (2008), but it nicely encapsulates how some governments are getting the value of bikes and cycling to our overall physical and economic health. Some good comments, too.